JoAnna and Chris: Iris and Gardenia at Christ the King and the Marriott

JoAnna went to seminary.  Chris is a musician.  They were in a sorority and a fraternity that shared the same colors: pale blue and silver.
JoAnna contacted us 5 weeks before her wedding day...can we say that again?  FIVE WEEKS.  (5?!)
She has a budget, a unique ceremony, and a stipulation: no flowers and there had to be rigatoni at the reception.  What can we say?  B&R Events delivers!
Micki Franks with Fairytale Floral created the most excellent bouquet for JoAnna using silk gardenias, roses, and irises in a tussy mussy that JoAnna's father gave her.  Why no flowers?  Chris has terrible allergies, so having someone like Micki on speed dial really worked to our advantage.  We used pale silver and pale blue satin overlays with silver candle holders for the centerpieces.
JoAnna and Chris exchanged vows at Christ the King Lutheran Church.  Instead of the usual bouquets, the bridal party carried in different elements of the ceremony IE the cross and the bible.  The families joined at the baptismal fount and walked in together, including JoAnna and Chris, side by side.  Charlie Register was able to capture the unique and heart felt ceremony and even streamed it to JoAnna's family that couldn't make the trip.
The Marriott put together a delicious buffet- bread sticks, Caesar salad, rigatoni and linguini, alfredo, bolgonese, and olive oil sauces, with grilled chicken.  Simple and delicious food.  I still have dreams about those bread sticks. 
And the cake?  Well, JoAnna and Chris had to go out of town during their short planning period.  JoAnna told me what she wanted the cake to look like, and that she wanted red velvet and carrot cake with cream cheese icing filling.  Susan with Couture Cakes gave me samples that I gave to JoAnna promptly when they got back- delicious!
One of Chris's good friends is a DJ, so he took care of the tunes.  And at the end of the night?  KARAOKE. 
Yes, I said it. 
What a fun and sweet couple!  Congrats again!


Anonymous said...

The bride said no rigatoni, but there was rigatoni served! Oh well, we Bridezillas can't have it all :)

B and R Events, LLC said...

I actually just corrected it, but one of the stipulations was no flowers and they had to have rigatoni at the reception. Sorry about the confusion! They did have it all!