Ashley and Brian: Autumn-Awesomeness at the Cliffs and Wyche Pavilion

Ashley and Brian are both super smart.
They both have their PhDs from Penn State.
Brian is a Star Wars fan.
Their wedding...was the epitome of autumnal awesomeness.

Ashley picked a gorgeous and simple color palate: cream, sage, orange, and brown. Their wedding ceremony was lovely and heartfelt, where both bride and groom shared their vows to each other and Brian's dad officiated. Adam Haley, who we believe to be an up and coming photog superstar in Pennsylvania, was able to capture the sweet event. He was even cool enough to let us use some of his images in the collage above. The bridal party scaled the mountain in Eastside Transportations's vintage trolley.
Dance to the Music provided the tunes for the reception at the Wych Pavilion. Ashley and Brian picked local favorites, from Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Colorado, for their favors and had a finger print tree as their guest book. Kathy and Company provided a delicious pumpkin spice cake and Dahlia was able to work with gourds,mango calla lilies, and apples to make oh-so-yummy centerpieces. We also got the biggest compliment in the world from Ashley's dad- a major acknowledgement in his welcome speech. WOW. We will definitely be posting the video soon.


Anonymous said...

Zoom in on the lower left photo and check out the groom! I love it!

B and R Events, LLC said...

It is hilarious! That is part of the reason why we picked it: it really shows what a fun group with great senses of humor they were.

Ashley Neff said...

Yes, that would be my brother-in-law licking my husband's face :)

Anonymous said...

Apparently, he has good "taste".