I haven't written in a month. The R house was for sale, and the evening of the Chopin event it sold! Since then has been a whirlwind.
Eight consultations,
2 cake tastings,
2 conference calls,
an Upstate Bridal Association meeting,
3 meetings with our mortgage broker,
toured roughly 20 houses,
finally put an offer on a new one,
negotiated and counter offered,
situated repairs for the buyer of our house,
and packed up a 3 bedroom, 2 bath ranch.
All of this over the course of 28 days has been, well, hectic to say the least.
We have been working so hard in all aspects of our business, and we are so excited! We keep adding clients to the B&R Events family and we are so fortunate to work with lovely couples and their families.
And Casa Rambo? Well, we were supposed to be packing a truck today and closing on the new house tomorrow, but that may not happen due to a mistake by our buyer. We will still be moving, but the date will possibly be pushed back. Bummer.
The GREAT news? The new house has plenty of room for a new office to meet with clients! Got to love it! Once we get settled, I can meet with clients at the new office and be able to offer wine and coffee (and other goodies!) and not have to feel like I need to buy stock in Starbucks and AT&T wireless. We are hoping for the big office reveal in July.
Wish us luck! And in the next couple weeks, we will have plenty of beautiful bridal inspiration.

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