Holiday Talk

Can we talk about the holidays (I will switch to events the next post, I promise)?

My mother/co-owner of B&R Events has a lot of Christmas ornaments. It takes her about 45 minutes just to get all of them out of the packaging. She has a 10 foot tree, so she definitely needs an ample amount of colorful ornaments. This years, as she was unpacking her 400 some odd tree trinkets, she started to really look at some of the packaging.

Yes, that is Uncle Sam shaking Santa's hand. Evidently he is pleased that the "Shiny Bright" ornaments are American Made.

10 glass ornaments for $1.11 at S. S. Kresge Company.

Um, S. S. Kresge became KMart in 1962.

Debbie has some old ornaments. It sure does make a pretty tree though...

Happy Holidays from B & R Events!

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Queen Stephy Ru said...

That tree is beautiful!! :) old ornaments are the best- we have tradition of getting a new one each year... my mom's tree has ornaments representing each year of her marriage... Eric and I do too. :)