Give Back

You might notice in the catering contract for your wedding that there is a clause that states you may not ask for boxes of your leftover food. I used to be in catering, so this makes sense to me. You do not have proper refrigeration transporting the food, and if you get the slightest stomach ache, the catering facility is the one to be held responsible.

But who wants food to go to waste?

We certainly do not, so why not call Loaves and Fishes?

Loaves and Fishes is Greenville's only food rescue program. They are happy to arrange pick up of any perishable and prepared food to feed the hungry. This a safe a green way to give back to the community as well.

Food donors are protected from liability and Loaves and Fishes has three refrigerated trucks to pick up any and all donations.

Brides can directly contact opscoord@loavesandfishesgreenville.org
B&R Events hopes that some of our brides choose this as an option. Thanks!

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Jtench said...

I think this is incredibly thoughtful! I know many weddings have lots of leftover food, and this is really a great way to deal with it!