Style: Color

All the trendy wedding websites keep listing their new favorite colors. Many have mentioned shades of purple.

I tried to ignore it.

I went to David's Bridal with my best friend to try on my bridesmaid dress for her October Charleston wedding. There was a huge purple wedding display (similar to the picture I have posted).

I held my breath and waited.

A friend of mine went to her cousins wedding in New York City back in the fall. The cutting edge in fashion capital. She went to one of the most lavish weddings I have ever seen. The wedding was in St. Paul's, they took their bridal portrait shots in Time Square, the bride's dress was tens of thousands of dollars, and the food was $400 a plate. She showed me the photos this past week.

Want to guess what color the bridesmaid dresses were?

A rich, lovely, deep purple.

I think it is official folks. Plum is the new chocolate.

I was wary at first. But the more I see it, the more I like it. I think the darker you go, the more flattering it can be. I also love the possibility of the pairings. Plum & champagne. Plum & hot pink. Plum & silver. Plum & black. Plum & lime green. The choice of a secondary color is endless. Watch out fall 2009, here comes the (plum) bride!

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