Northern vs. Southern

As promised, I am going to map out the difference between a northern wedding and a southern wedding. These are just little differences that I have observed from coordinating southern weddings and participating in northern weddings. This is a combination of humor and seriousness, so please take everything with a grain of salt.

The send off:
Northern: After the ceremony
Southern: After the reception

The photographer:
Northern: http://www.imagesphotostudio.com/
Southern: http://www.amywoodphotography.com/

Getting ready and posed pictures:
Northern: The pictures of the bride and her attendants are taken at the mother of the bride's home. The pictures of the groom are taken at his mother's home or his own home. These are all the group shots and getting ready shots. Most of the time, the bridesmaids must pay to have their hair and make up done.
Southern: The bride generally gets ready at the ceremony location and the groom gets ready either at home or at a hotel. Bridesmaids usually have the option of paying a professional for their hair or make up or it is a gift from the bride. Posed shots are taken at the ceremony location or the grounds of the ceremony location.

The first dance and other activities:
Northern: The bridal party and new couple are announced and go straight into their first dance. The first dance is then followed by the bridal party dance, and then the best man speech and toast. Then dinner and after dinner the cake cutting and parent dances. Later comes the bouquet toss, etc.
Southern: Everyone is announced and the new couple goes into their first dance. After the first dance is the blessing. Then dinner. Then the speeches and toasts followed immediately by cake cutting so that guests still have their dessert wine to go with their cake. After cake is other festivities, that is usually kicked off by the parents dances.

Northern: A cocktail hour that would put many parties to shame (think a couple of action stations, passed appetizers, and several displays), a sit down dinner, and a Vienese sweet table with coffee bar and flambe station. Don't forget about the 5 hours open bar.
Southern: Cocktail hour is more low key with cheese and fruit, dinner can be sit down or buffet, dessert is cake. A lot of southern girls will even opt for the cocktail reception. An open bar is an option, not a requirement. Some girls choose to have beer and wine instead, or just wine.

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