Rambo Trip

My husband and I headed north on the 16th to New Jersey. Weddings were still on the mind because we were heading up for my brother-in-law's nuptials.
Andrew and Heather got married on Friday, the 19th, and my husband (otherwise known as Darren) was the best man and I was a bridesmaid.
Heather was smart and knew that her future sister-in-law is a wedding planner, so she got my help. Hence, a busy couple of weeks with traveling and all.
We ended up making the seating chart (very cool, made out of plexiglass so it was very 3D looking), made all the centerpieces (faux cherry blossom branches with natural grass in 2 foot vases with votives and a couple other simple elements), did the table names, and made the menus and programs. Here are some pics:
(Darren is next to Heather (bride) and I am third in on the right)

(Rambo girls IN the wedding. There are many more of us...)

(Two more Rambos...Danielle and Diana)

(Darren and I during the bridal party dance.)
(Sidenote: There are several things different about a Northern wedding vs. a Southern wedding. If you are bored, ask me one day.)
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Rambo
Est. September 19th, 2008

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