Make up for the special day

Many brides say that they have no idea how they should do their make up for their wedding day. Soft and subtle? Deep and sensual? Natural and minimal?

There really is no right answer except for the fact that you should look like yourself, but better. Your fiance loves you for who you are, but you want to look your best for the big day.

You can find pictures or sketches of what you like and whether you do it yourself, go to a department store make up counter, or hire a professional you should always do a practice run.

My biggest recommendation is to pick a foundation that is photo-friendly, pick a long wearing lipstick, and really make the eyes pop.

Here is a really neat site with some sketches of great bridal make up:


For more ideas, check out http://www.shanteltheartist.com/ and look at her bell of the ball category. That is some great stuff.

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